Our partner Fresenius Kabi Austria is one of the world’s major manufacturers of Lactulose, a carbohydrate of highest quality. Lactulose is most suitable for the innovative food industry to develop and produce top quality healthy products. Draco Ingredients is in charge of marketing this ingredient under Fresenius Kabi Austria’s brand Freenulac® Lactulose into the food segment.

Lactulose is made out of natural milk sugar. The disaccharide is composed of galactose and fructose. It is used as an energy source by lactic acid producing bacteria in the colon. This results in a favourable change in composition and activity of the natural intestinal flora in conjunction with other health benefits. Some of the documented benefits on human health are for example a functional effect on intestinal transit time, a prebiotic effect, an enhanced growth of Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli as well as an enhanced absorption of Calcium and Magnesium.

In addition to offering a benefit as standalone prebiotic, Freenulac® Lactulose is an ideal completion to long-chain carbohydrate food ingredients/supplements and/or to probiotics. The minimal energy value is a further advantageous product feature.

Freenulac® Lactulose is applicable for all age groups and may be used for the production of food products, such as baby food, beverages, dairy products, bakery products as well as synbiotic products and many more. Lactulose already has a long tradition as functional food ingredient in special health foods in various Asian and Russian markets.

As an ingredient for functional food products supporting gut health, Freenulac® Lactulose is now available for new business opportunities in European markets. Referring to EU Health Claim Regulation (EC) no. 1924/2006, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has now released a positive scientific opinion on the health claim “Lactulose contributes to a reduction in intestinal transit time”.  

Freenulac® Lactulose from Fresenius Kabi Austria is available in liquid or in crystalline form. The product range comprises standard products as well as special Lactulose qualities of highest purity and accordingly minor side sugar levels.

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