Suppliers and Partners

On behalf of our suppliers and partner companies we look after customers, segments and regions on exclusive basis. We act as an outsourced marketing and supply channel on ‘open book principles’ and  ensure communication on every single detail of the business with all parties involved.

For many years, Armor Protéines is our partner company in the area of special high protein dairy ingredients. Armor Protéines are subsidiary of French Bongrain Group, one of the world’s top dairy companies for producing and marketing specialty cheeses. Within this global group of companies Armor Protéines is responsible for development and marketing of dairy based ingredients to the worldwide food and feed industry. 300 employees take care for producing about 70.000 tons of dairy ingredients per year at 4 production sites located in Brittany and Normandy, the main milk producing areas of France.

Fresenius Kabi Austria is one of the world’s top manufacturers and marketers of liquid and crystalline Lactulose into pharmaceutical applications. After a few years of joint preparation work, Fresenius KabiAustria and Draco Ingredients have signed an agreement to market Lactulose as functional ingredient into food and feed applications from 1 August 2009 onwards.

In 2005 a marketing and distribution agreement has been set up with wheyco GmbH, a joint venture of Germany’s major dairy companies Humana and Nordmilch. From 2006 onwards, wheyco’s new production site in Altentreptow / Northeast Germany started to process about 1.4 million tons of whey into about 70.000 tons of different whey derivates per year. The actual product portfolio includes whey protein concentrates powder and liquid, lactose and whey permeate powder.

In addition to our above main partner companies we do co-operate with further selected highly qualified European suppliers on customer or product related basis.