Lactosalt Optitaste®

The topic of salt and health in conjunction with salt-/sodium reduction for food products is becoming more and more important. Public institutions, media, retail trade and last but not least the consumers are demanding food manufactures to reduce salt content in their products.

Milk mineral concentrate Lactosalt Optitaste®, produced by our French partner company Armor Protéines, is the ideal ingredient to reduce salt in food products. The top advantages are:


–       Just one quarter of sodium content compared to salt

–       Taste improvement

–       No change in production process

–       Clean labelling

–       All dairy origin


Considering the growing importance regarding to label declaration of nutritional values, the main focus for using Lactosalt Optitaste® is reflecting on a healthier, sodium reduced diet. In addition to the low sodium content, the favourable potassium / sodium balance is providing a further advantage.

Lactosalt Optitaste® is easy to use in a lot of food products such as cheese, soups and sauces, ready meals, meat products as well as in bread, bakery and confectionary products.

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