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Draco Ingredients offer a range of functional ingredients, which allow nutrition and health claims according to regulation (EC) No 1924/2006 of 20 December 2006. The permitted health claims have now been published and confirmed in Commission Regulation (EU) No 432/2006 of 16 Mai 2012.

In order to use these permitted claims for your products or innovations, we offer high quality ingredients with the following aspects:

Claim Functional Area Products in our Portfolio
Energy and sugar reduction Energy input Stevia products
Sodium and salt reduction Blood pressure Milk mineral concentrates


Calcium fortification


Blood clotting

Energy metabolism

Muscle function



Cell division



Milk calcium

Calcium caseinates

Milk protein concentrates

Potassium fortification


Nervous system

Muscle function

Blood pressure

Milk mineral concentrates


Phosphorus fortification Energy metabolism

Cell membranes



Milk calcium


Protein fortification Muscles



Whey protein concentrates

Milk protein concentrates

Chloride fortification Digestion Milk mineral concentrates
Lactulose addition Digestion Lactulose


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Our partner Fresenius Kabi Austria is one of the world’s major manufacturers of Lactulose, a carbohydrate of highest quality. Lactulose is most suitable for the innovative food industry to develop and produce top quality healthy products. Draco Ingredients is in charge of marketing this ingredient under Fresenius Kabi Austria’s brand Freenulac® Lactulose into the food segment.

Lactulose is made out of natural milk sugar. The disaccharide is composed of galactose and fructose. It is used as an energy source by lactic acid producing bacteria in the colon. This results in a favourable change in composition and activity of the natural intestinal flora in conjunction with other health benefits. Some of the documented benefits on human health are for example a functional effect on intestinal transit time, a prebiotic effect, an enhanced growth of Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli as well as an enhanced absorption of Calcium and Magnesium.

In addition to offering a benefit as standalone prebiotic, Freenulac® Lactulose is an ideal completion to long-chain carbohydrate food ingredients/supplements and/or to probiotics. The minimal energy value is a further advantageous product feature.

Freenulac® Lactulose is applicable for all age groups and may be used for the production of food products, such as baby food, beverages, dairy products, bakery products as well as synbiotic products and many more. Lactulose already has a long tradition as functional food ingredient in special health foods in various Asian and Russian markets.

As an ingredient for functional food products supporting gut health, Freenulac® Lactulose is now available for new business opportunities in European markets. Referring to EU Health Claim Regulation (EC) no. 1924/2006, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has now released a positive scientific opinion on the health claim “Lactulose contributes to a reduction in intestinal transit time”.  

Freenulac® Lactulose from Fresenius Kabi Austria is available in liquid or in crystalline form. The product range comprises standard products as well as special Lactulose qualities of highest purity and accordingly minor side sugar levels.

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Disclaimer: Statements and/or claims on health benefits or nutritional properties of foods on packaging and/or advertising are incumbent upon the producer and/or vendor of finished products and have to be in accordance with local regulations.

Lactosalt Optitaste®

The topic of salt and health in conjunction with salt-/sodium reduction for food products is becoming more and more important. Public institutions, media, retail trade and last but not least the consumers are demanding food manufactures to reduce salt content in their products.

Milk mineral concentrate Lactosalt Optitaste®, produced by our French partner company Armor Protéines, is the ideal ingredient to reduce salt in food products. The top advantages are:


–       Just one quarter of sodium content compared to salt

–       Taste improvement

–       No change in production process

–       Clean labelling

–       All dairy origin


Considering the growing importance regarding to label declaration of nutritional values, the main focus for using Lactosalt Optitaste® is reflecting on a healthier, sodium reduced diet. In addition to the low sodium content, the favourable potassium / sodium balance is providing a further advantage.

Lactosalt Optitaste® is easy to use in a lot of food products such as cheese, soups and sauces, ready meals, meat products as well as in bread, bakery and confectionary products.

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wheyco whey protein concentrates

Our partner company wheyco GmbH announces a considerable extension of their product line for whey protein concentrates (WPC). Various products with protein content from 30 to 60 % protein are available now. Selected WPC products include HG = high gel and HS = heat stable versions. Whey protein concentres in liquid form are available as well.

WPC is one of the main production lines in wheyco’s new production site in Altentreptow (Northeast Germany). Since the start of commercial manufacturing in 2006, wheyco’s WPC portfolio has been continuously extended. The actual program does now include WPC 30, WPC 35, WPC 35 HG , WPC 35 HS , WPC 55, WPC 60 and WPC 60 HS heat stable.

Standard and customer specific liquid WPC products up to a dry matter content of about 40 % are presented to the market right now. Dependent on the production process of the final customer’s product as well as on the supply chain, wheyco’s new liquid WPCs might offer interesting cost advantages for both sides.

Besides the well known and acknowledged high nutritional advantages of whey proteins, a lot of functional properties in various food systems are provided as well. wheyco’s WPCs offer excellent product attributes with regard to: emulsification, gelation, water binding and viscosity building, whipping, foaming and aeration as well as nutritional and flavour enrichment. Above key functionalities do apply across a broad range of food products like fermented dairy products, ice cream and frozen desserts, bakery and confectionary products, processed meat as well as various convenience products like salad dressings, mayonnaises and soups and sauces.

Special focus has been put on wheyco’s new WPC 60 products. Various trials in different food systems have demonstrated similar functional properties compared to WPC products with higher protein content resulting into potential reasonable cost advantages for wheyco’s customers.

wheyco’s excellent WPC product quality is one of the key factors for providing the above attributes. The whey raw material is delivered from only 4 local affiliated and fully certified suppliers. Starting with tight specifications and strongest quality control for the incoming whey and continuing with a dedicated and controlled production process covered by strict quality management systems, a regular high quality for all wheyco WPCs is guaranteed.

All wheyco WPC products can be delivered with Halal or Kosher certificate and are suitable for vegetarians.

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